About us

JSC “ANTARA LT” is a sheet metal processing company located in Ukmergė, Lithuania, which has been operating since 1997.

Since the establishment of the company, we have started manufacturing household solid fuel boilers. Throughout the period of operation, we have improved and expanded our production and currently produce four modifications of household solid fuel boilers and sauna heaters.

Since 2010, the company has successfully started working in the field of industrial boilers. For the heating of large public, domestic, industrial premises and production processes that require a large amount of heat, we can provide industrial or fully automated boiler room equipment. We currently manufacture, install and launch industrial products of 5 modifications.

Since 2016 we have been working in the field of metal processing and strive to provide the highest quality services. We provide the following services: Metal cutting, folding, CNC milling and turning, welding, and design.

We are constantly investing in the modernization and development of metal processing production technologies, constantly looking for new ideas, improving our products and expanding the range; we produce only high-quality products, grow and improve for our customers. We constantly offer a variety of solutions, dynamically adapting to each client.

Vision, mission and objectives

Vision. Leaders in sheet metal processing and industrial heating equipment production in Lithuania.

Mission. To supply competitive, advanced and environmentally friendly biomass as fuel-consuming, indoor and drinking water heaters/boilers to the market. To be socially responsible to its employees, a metal processing company that meets the highest quality standards.

Objectives. To meet the expectations of stakeholders and satisfy their needs. To perform the development of activities to Western Europe and Scandinavian countries.

• Responsibility. We understand the importance of our decisions for the success of the entire company, therefore, any decision we take is based on responsibility.

  • Initiative. Using all our knowledge and abilities to solve each task, we take the initiative to make the most beneficial decisions for the company.
  • Loyalty. We are dedicated to the company in which we work, we protect the main assets – employees, knowledge and technology, we behave in a representative manner in any situation.

Quality policy

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers by providing qualified support in the field of metal processing, and in developing, improving and manufacturing heating equipment and accessories thereof. In order to achieve this objective, the tasks of the company in the field of quality are as follows:

  • Listening carefully to every customer’s wishes and needs, seeking as high customer satisfaction with service and product quality as possible;
  • Offering only the best technical solutions to the customer;
  • Observing the obligations given to the customer;
  • Continuously improving the quality management system;
  • Complying with and conforming to the applicable requirements of the LST EN ISO 9001 standard;
    • Constantly creating and maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation, respect for each other, businesslike in the company. Forming a united team, friendly and harmonious team;
  • Introducing new advanced technologies and improving the existing products, developing innovative products that meet the highest quality, technical and design requirements.
  • Deepening professional knowledge, learning, improving, looking for advanced new working methods. Assisting colleagues in solving important tasks, sharing available knowledge and information.

Environmental protection policy

In carrying out its activities, UAB “ANTARA LT” undertakes to follow the goals that reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and commits to:

  • Continuously use natural and energy resources in a rational and economic manner, carry out their prevention and control;
  • Improve operational processes, implement new advanced technologies and improve existing ones that reduce environmental impact and sustainable use of resources;
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system in order to increase the efficiency of environmental protection;
  • Comply with and conform to the applicable requirements of the LST EN ISO 14001 standard;
    • Develop the responsibility of the employees of the company for a clean environment, mitigation of climate changes as well as the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • Execute monitoring of the pollution and activities causing it;
  • Reduce atmospheric air pollution.