ABKV type


ABKV – Automated volcanic type boilers intended for heating of domestic, industrial, commercial and other buildings.
Boilers of this model are equipped with automated fuel supply, therefore the possible fuel is wood sawdust, chips or other kinds of biofuels. In addition, it is possible to burn bulk biofuel by throwing it through the service door. Not wetter than 40 percent fuel is recommended for this type of boilers.
The boiler has a tubular horizontal type heat exchanger. The boiler is equipped with turbulizers, which increase the efficiency of the boiler.
The boiler is equipped with a spring fuel hopper or a hydraulic fuel storage.

Possible power range of the produced boilers: 100 – 1300 kW
Fuel type: wood chips, wood sawdust, wood waste, lump biofuels.
Fuel moisture content: 10-42 %
Boiler control: Fully automated
Boiler efficiency: 75-80 %

Boiler automatics controls:

  • Fuel metering screw.
  • Primary and secondary air blower.
  • Smoke extractors work under a vacuum sensor.
  • Lamda probe.
  • Heat exchanger application device.
  • Fuel level in the intermediate hopper.
  • 2 different boiler room heating circuits.