Mobile container boiler rooms


Mobile container-type boiler room, easily detachable and transportable.
The boiler room is equipped with an automated biomass boiler with automated fuel feeding and ash removal.
For additional heat recovery from the boiler flue gases, a dry type or condensing economizer is installed.
For fuel storage and supply to the boiler, a fuel bunker is constructed in the boiler room.

The container construction of the boiler room consists of steel beams and pipes.
The container is “lined” with multilayer panels filled with mineral wool, with a thickness of 80mm. Thermal resistance U=0.5 [m² · K / W].

Boiler specifications and features:

  • Automated screw fuel feeding into the furnace.
  • Primary air is supplied to separate combustion zones (2 or 3 zones).
  • Secondary air is supplied to the furnace.
  • Integrated ash multicyclone.
  • Automatic ash removal from under the grate and from the boiler.
  • Pneumatic cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes.
  • Protection against overheating of the fuel and boiler.
  • Primary and secondary air heated by exhaust combustion products.

Boiler automation control options:

  • Operation of the fuel bunker and conveyors.
  • Fuel dosing into the furnace.
  • Hydraulic operation of the grate.
  • Primary and secondary air ventilators.
  • Ash removal from under the grate.
  • Ash removal from the boiler.
  • Heat exchanger purging algorithm.
  • Maintaining the specified draft in the furnace.
  • Flue gas recirculation (optional).
  • Combustion process control according to the “λ” probe.
  • Control of the boiler recirculation pump or three-way valve according to the specified temperature.
  • Emergency message transmission via GSM.
  • Remote control of the boiler room (internet).

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