ABKH type




ABKH type grate-fired boilers are designed to be able to burn fuel up to 55% of moisture content. Boilers of this type are produced from 500 KW to 3000 KW. Suitable fuels for these boilers are wood chips, sawdust, pellets and other bulk fuels. The control range of this model is 30% -100%.

Boiler specification and functions:

  • The combustion stove is equipped with a movable grate.
  • Annealing arches are installed in the furnace.
  • Primary air (2 or 3) zones is supplied to the individual combustion zones.
  • Secondary air is supplied to the furnace.
  • Automatic ash removal from zone under the grate.
  • Automatic ash removal from the furnace.
  • Pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning device.
  • Screw or hydraulic fuel supply to the furnace.
  • Protection against overheating of furnace.
  • Protection against overheating of boiler.
  • Primary and secondary air is heated by combustion products.

Boiler automatics control options:

  • Fuel storage and conveyor work.
  • Fuel supply to the furnace.
  • Grate movement hydraulics.
  • Primary and secondary air blower.
  • Removal of ash from the zone under the grate.
  • Ash removal from the furnace.
  • Heat exchanger request algorithm.
  • Support for the required traction in the furnace.
  • Smoke recirculation (optional).
  • Control of the combustion process according to the “λ” probe.
  • Control of boiler recirculation pump or three-way valve according to set temperature.
  • Sending emergency messages via GSM connection.
  • Control of boiler room at a distance (Internet).