• Nominal Thermal Efficiency (Qmin.)- (Qk), kW 7-12
  • Recommended Heating Area, m² 120
  • Burning Time for Single Load, h (working at 100%) 2-6
  • Operating Water Pressure in the System, MPa, not more than 0.3
  • Supply Water Temperature (tp), °C, not more than 95
  • Return Water Temperature (tg), °C 70
  • Water Capacity in Boiler, L 28
  • Efficiency Coefficient (η), %, not less than 75
  • Operating Draft in Chimney (Sk), Pa, not less than 20
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature, °C, not more than 200
  • Mass, kg, not more than 180
  • Average Boiler Usage Time, years 10
  • Wood Moisture, %, not more than 20
  • Wood Length, cm 41
  • Load Volume, L 71
  • Load Door Dimensions, mm 246/300
  • Chimney Dimensions, mm Ø158
  • Supply and Return Pipe Diameter, mm 32
  • Height (a) 881
  • Width (b) 483
  • Length (c) 925
  • Distance to chimney center 630


  • Solid fuel boiler – stove KV-12 is designed for heating residential houses with a central water heating system and is also adapted for cooking.
  • The boiler’s efficiency coefficient reaches up to 75% during nominal operation.
  • Boilers of this model are produced starting from 12 kW, making them suitable even for very small areas. They come equipped with a thermometer, draft regulator, and firebox cleaning tools.
  • Types of fuel used: sawdust, peat, and wood briquettes.
  • Spacious 71L firebox, adjustable boiler modes: winter and summer modes. During summer burning, the firebox grate is raised so that burning takes place through the upper loading door.
  • The size of the cooking zones is adjustable with cast iron rings.

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