• Recommended sauna volume, m3 40
  • Weight of loaded stones, kg 300
  • Flue diameter, mm 148
  • Used fuel firewood, briquettes
  • Overall dimensions, H x W x L, mm 870x730x962
  • Working environment temperature, °C 3…100
  • Dimensions of the fuel loading openings, mm 480/380
  • Minimum chimney draft, Pa 8
  • External dimensions of the loading tunnel, f/e, mm 502/511
  • Distance from the door to the front leg, g, mm 280
  • Distance from the ground to the bottom of the loading tunnel, h, mm 126
  • Fuel bed depth, mm 730


  • The sauna heater acts as a fireplace.
  • Does not pollute the sauna.
  • Does not consume oxygen in the sauna.
  • Safe construction – low probability of burns.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Steel thickness of the inner walls of the frame is 6 mm.
  • It is not possible to cover the ceramic glass with water.