Intermediate fuel bunker


Intermediate fuel bunker is designed for accumulation and uniform supply of biofuel to the fuel screw. Intermediate fuel bunkers are designed in various constructions and capacities.

The intermediate fuel bunker with a mixing node operates together with a screw conveyor. Available in capacities of 0.75 m³ or 1.4 m³. The bunker is equipped with a mixing node that blends the fuel inside the bunker and ensures smooth fuel discharge through an opening at the bottom of the bunker into the fuel delivery screw. The mixing node is driven by a gearmotor.

Hydraulic fuel dosing bunker – supplies fuel to the boiler’s combustion chamber. Typically supplied with high-capacity boilers. Depending on the boiler power, capacities range from 1.5 m³ to 3.0 m³. The bunker’s movement is provided by a hydraulic drive (hydraulic cylinder). The hydraulic fuel feeder pushes the fuel through the neck into the combustion chamber in certain portions. The pusher delivers fuel across the entire area of the combustion chamber. The frequency of the hydraulic cylinder’s movement is determined by the boiler’s automation. Automatic fuel delivery to the bunker is facilitated by integrated sensors that detect the fuel level in the bunker.

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