This year will distinguish to Antara by increased sales

Ukmergė family company UAB “ANTARA LT” undertakes the digitisation of the manufacture after the Government has announced the second quarantine in the country. The company, which manufactures metal processing and biofuel boilers as well as heating equipment, plans the growth of its turnover by 15-20% this year.
“After the first quarantine has been declared, we worked at 120 % capacity because some of the customers were worried that the supply of raw materials would stop and formed particularly large orders to prevent their activity from stopping. Later, orders decreased, and customers accumulated products in warehouses. Now, during the second quarantine, we already realise what will happen,” says Mindaugas Orlingis, Project Manager of UAB “ANTARA LT”.

The turnover of the company amounted to EUR 2.04 million in 2018 and EUR 3.2 million in 2019, thus the growth exceeded 50 %. Sales revenue is expected to increase by 15-20 % this year.
According to M. Orlingis, sales are increasing with the same number of employees – the company currently employs 42 people.

The company signed a contract with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) under the EU Investment Facility “Industrial Digitisation LT”. The total value of the project is EUR 532.000, of which nearly EUR 240.000 will be financed from EU funds.
In spring, UAB “ANTARA LT” plans the construction of production premises of 2.000 sq. m. Production workshops for industrial bio-boilers and machining will be installed here. According to M. Orlingis, precise compliance with the project plan and contractual terms and the specifics of the activities of the company aimed at two production areas help to make investments during the difficult period.
The acquired equipment and the equipment planned to be acquired will help the company to reduce manual work. Already now, according to M. Orlingis, it is clear that one person is enough to work on equipment previously operated by three people. The new software will be operated by one employee instead of four.

“We are trying to save people’s job places. We retrain and direct some of them to the technological side, others to the production. Only a small part of the employees cannot accept the changed conditions,” points out M. Orlingis.
UAB “ANTARA LT” estimates that new technologies save electricity, the production time of some products is shortened by half. The renewed equipment allowed to offer own production to new industrial sectors.
“The LVPA encourages investment in the regions, and it is very important for us to see examples of the fact that the growth of enterprises is also directly associated with the EU investments. The ability to invest consistently, in time, in key business areas and to create long-term value is a sign of leadership. We appreciate the efforts of our clients to undertake such projects and seek the highest results”, Aurimas Želvys, the head of LVPA, is quoted in the press release.